Our Business

Established in 1963, Hongkong Sales (Knitwear) Ltd. (HKS) is one of the most respected ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and knitwear design specialists in the fully fashioned knit-apparel industry. With Headquarters in Hong Kong and Sales Offices in Shanghai and Dhaka providing smart casual, mix and match value for money contemporary knitwear. HKS has computerized knitting machinery providing fully fashioned garments for all year round offering 1.5gg to 18gg.
In fact, our customers can be assured of the premium quality of our raw materials for cashmere as they come from the same supplier for the world’s top luxury cashmere brands. Clearly, our ability to source and select the best raw materials are only the first steps towards maintaining the highest quality standards at every stage of the production process.
Total customer satisfaction forms the core of our business philosophy. We value our customers as our business partners and believe that their success is also our success. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for reliability, flexibility and uncompromising quality. Our one-stop services — from execution of design, selection of yarn and accessories, making of samples, monitoring of production progress, to quality checking and export of goods — guarantee quick response, value-for-money and on-time delivery for our customers. In addition, with over 50 years of fashion-knit experience, HKS is well positioned to provide customers with inspirational forecast on yarn trends, such as the increasing popularity of organic and natural fibres, thus ensuring a diversified, stable and reliable supply of quality raw materials and yarn at competitive pricing to meet market demands. Supported by in-house Product Development teams in Hong Kong and overseas, HKS is also well recognized for its innovative attributes to product development and knitting technology to provide customers with design creativity on the latest yarn, stitch and style.
HKS strives for continuous improvement of working and environmental conditions in our factory operations and manufacturing partners.
We educate and support our factory management and manufacturing partners to comply with local laws and our customers’ high standards of compliance in relation to social, security and environmental aspects.

    Year of Establishment:
    Total Production Capacity:
    About 12,000,000 – 16,000,000 pcs per year
    Production Locations:
    China and Bangladesh
    Fully fashioned computerized machinery from
    1.5gg to 18gg
    Export Markets:
    North America, the European Union, Australia, Japan & PRC
    Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd
    Hang Seng Bank Limited
    Standard Chartered Bank