HKS passion for cashmere

HKS truly wants to share our passion for luxurious cashmere knitwear with you,
with the very best of the world’s cashmere coming from China. The quality of the Cashmere Goat Herds results in Chinese cashmere being known for the very best in fineness, and length of fibre.

HKS commitment to the highest quality

HKS has very long standing and mutually beneficial relationships with the top quality spinners in China and Europe to produce the very best cashmere raw material. The cashmere fibre is carefully collected and processed through the very best dehairing and spinning mills to produce the very best fibre for both woollen and worsted yarns. This then results in the very best quality and performance of the cashmere knitted garments and guaranteeing 100% cashmere authenticity.

HKS CashmereMark

CashmereMark denotes the standard of excellence in cashmere. World-renowned as the ‘diamond fibre’, cashmere is distinguished for its lightness, smoothness, softness and warmth. All products that bear the CashmereMark will exemplify this standard of quality.