Yarn Development

The choice of yarn determines the quality of the knitwear. In order to give our customers the best value-for-money products that meet their market needs, we work closely with yarn suppliers around the world to stay abreast of the latest in yarn technologies and trends. In addition, we maintain excellent relationships with these suppliers to ensure that we have a diversified, stable and reliable source of quality yarn at competitive pricing.

To testify the quality standard of our products, HKS has developed the following product marks:


CashmereMark denotes the standard of excellence in cashmere. World-renowned as the ‘diamond fibre’, cashmere is distinguished for its lightness, smoothness, softness and warmth. All products that bear the CashmereMark will exemplify this standard of quality.


CashCotton is high quality cotton with extra fine and long staple producing a soft, smooth and strong yarn to make an extremely precious product.


QuickEvap provides moisture management by wicking moisture away from the body and helping moisture evaporates quickly. Ideal for outdoor activity clothing, this yarn makes the garment breathable, comfortable and quick drying.